Chris Drury

CHRIS DRURY is one of the most influential contemporary land artists. His work is featured in many Land Art books in the UK and America, although he underlines that it has wider implications. It is political in that it may draw attention to the way we abuse our environments.
Drury collaborates with scientists and technicians to create works that make connections between different phenomena in the world, like Nature and Culture, Inner and Outer and Microcosm and Macrocosm.


FINGERMAZE, 2006, 30 x 42 m.
Commissioned by Brighton and Hove City Council Hove Park, The work is made of random York stone in lime mortar set into the turf and was made with Second Land. The pattern is a Cretan labyrinth set into the central whorl of a fingerprint, so to walk it is a meditative journey to the interior.


TIME AND FLOW, Thixendale, Wolds Way, Yorkshire, UK.
Commissioned as part of Wander – Art on the Yorkshire Wolds Way.
The work draws the lines of flow of the glaciers which once covered the valley. It is made from low mounded earth and troughs, seeded so that it blends with the surrounding grass. At one end is a restored dew pond. The work covers several acres.

Time-and-Flow-December 2011

winterFebruary 2012


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