Street art becomes Land art.

nomad-land-art-2NOMAD is a German artist who was educated and inspired by skateboarding, Hardcore Punk, Graffiti, Hip Hop and Rave Countercultures of the 80′s.
His activity consists of hundreds of paintings and marker drawings on Berlin’s streets, which earned him admirers and collectors and made his art visible all over the world.
His style reflects his lifestyle as a vagabond, and it is always evolving and incorporates “the necessary”. He proclaims to use whatever style or material is available to maximize the focus on the pleasure of the creation.
Nomad’s works reminds us that art and artists does not need boundaries. It’s a simple celebration of freedom, life and its vanity. It’s a healthy breath of fresh air in a world that is tied up with circumstances and definitions.
His recent project was the so called “Land Art” project, where Nomad transfers the ideas and intentions of street art into the wild nature…


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