Art in Nature @ Villa Panza – pt.I

The Panza Villa and Arte Sella are giving birth to a new project which will start on 25th May 2013 in the Italian style gardens and parks of the Villa in Varese, Italy.
The project will feature the works of three land artists, one per year, who, during their staying in the Villa, will be able to confront with the environment and to experiment their own vision of natural, architectural and artistic elements, creating a dialogue between the artwork and the environment.
Artists’ creations will be made of natural materials and, once the exhibition is over, will be left to decompose and dissolve into nature itself.
Visitors will be able to discover artworks and the site’s peculiarities at the same time.
Involved in the project is the English environmental artist STUART IAN FROST, who will realize three site-specific installations. Frost is interested in the physical character of the natural objects, their specific place within their specific environment and their relationship to culture, myths and history.
The project will continue in 2014 and 2015 with the intervention of BOB VERSCHUEREN and PETER RANDALL-PAGE.

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