Karin van der Molen

MOONSTRUCK, First Prize Kiev Sculpture Project, Ukraine, 2012

KARIN VAN DER MOLEN is a Dutch painter and sculptor. Most of her sculptural work is site specific, mostly involving natural materials such as willow rods, hay and earth. Lately she has become fascinated also by sello tape and video as a material to make ephemeral works. She exhibits her work in galleries and international art projects all over the world.

Here’s an extract of the artist’s statement.

Nature is without distinction, without prejudice, without good or bad. The trees, mountains, oceans, and fields. Animals and humans. We are part of the same nature. We breathe, we are born and we will die. Yet to experience ourselves as part of the whole happens to be difficult for the modern individual. My environmental art is my way to open this experience , for myself and eventually for the other as well.

HILL FOR SOMEONE ELSE, Bylden om utens, Kollum, The Netherlands, 2000

DUTCH PARADISE, Dehullu Sculpture Park, Gees, The Netherlands, 2006

WASSERMANN SHELTER, Lübben, Germany, 2008

THIS IS NOT A BOAT, Landart Falster-Lolland, Denmark, 2008

MOONDOME, KAIR, Kamiyama, 2008

ORIGIN, Parcours des Fées, Barcelonette, France, 2009

SIDETRACK (wood, paint), Bippen, Germany, 2010SPACE INVADERS, Grenzkunstroute Übergriffe, Aachen, Germany 2011

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