Steven Siegel

Bridge 2 2009 Arte Sella, Italy paperBRIDGE 2
Arte Sella, Italy, 2009

STEVEN SIEGEL is an American artist who creates large, site specific public sculptures installed throughout the United States and Europe as well as smaller studio works created from some of the same post-consume materials that he works with on a larger scale such as paper and rubber tire shreds.
As a young artist, Siegel became fascinated by geology and the processes through which discarded matter is transformed over time. He began to ponder about the essential cycles of deposit and decay that underlie the making of the land and thus interpret the processes of stratification and compression in the compositions and forms of his sculptures.

New Geology 1990 8'x17'x1' paper, flora naNEW GEOLOGY
paper, flora

New Geology #2 1992 Milan, NYNEW GEOLOGY #2
Milan, New York, 1992
paper, flora

Siegel wants his biodegradable sculptures to have an impact on their surroundings. Each piece is conceived and built onsite, using indigenous materials (such as tons and tons of local newspapers) and available labor; in such way it is made integral to the surrounding landscape. Often it is left alone to break down as it will, subjected to a gradual transformation due to the elements’ impact over time.
His art is not about making a political statement, it is not a matter of saving the planet, or protesting against greed and waste. But his work do raise questions about what can be done with human detritus and it concern space and time and our place in them.
The works resulting from the elaboration of these thoughts echo the mysteries he perceives resounding in the old rocks and beyond them and eventually mix with the basic physical processes that make the land.
For Siegel, the greatest motivation to continue to make sculptures is that the questions are always there to be asked. Just looking at different landscapes, he finds an “endless reservoir of source material.”

Like a hive, like an egg 2002 Arte Sella, Italy wood, paperLIKE A HIVE, LIKE AN EGG
Arte Sella, Italy, 1992
paper, wood

Scale 2002 Abington Arts Center Jenkinstown, PA paperSCALE
Abington Arts Center Jenkinstown, PA, 2002

Oak 2004 Gong-Ju, Korea paperOAK
Gong-Ju, Korea, 2004

This One is Flat 2008 Mirabel, CanadaTHIS ONE IS FLAT
Mirabel, Canada,

Grass, Paper, Glass 2006 Grounds for Sculpture Hamilton, NJGRASS, PAPER, GRASS
Grounds for Sculpture Hamilton, NJ, 2006

It Goes Under 2008 University of Wyoming Museum of Art Laramie, WYIT GOES UNDER
University of Wyoming Museum of Art Laramie, WY, 2008

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