Thomas Jackson

cheese ballsCHEESE BALLS
THOMAS JACKSON is a Brooklyn based photographer who works with floating packs of everyday objects sited in both urban and natural environment. The series EMERGENT BEHAVIOUR features packs of plastic cups, leaves, sticky notes, baloons inspired by self-organized, emerging systems in nature such as herding, swarms, insect mounds, and flocking birds, and aim to evoke the sense of fascination of these phenomena.
The resulting scenes, consisting of a spooky streak of colored light amidst a dark forest, have a sense of anxiety to them, as if something horrible is about to happen.
By the juxtapposition of extraneous materials to the natural environment Jackson wants to incite new interpretations of everyday objects.

yarn #1YARN #1
yarn #2YARN #2
post-its #1POST-ITS #1
post-its #2POST-ITS #2
cups #1CUPS #1
paltes #1PLATES #1
plates #3PLATES #3
garden hose #1GARDEN HOSE #1
leaves #1LEAVES #1

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