Gyongy Laky


GYONGY LAKY is a Hungarian-born, American based artist. Her work employs humble materials, often harvested from nature and agricultural sources, and recycled elements and it features direct methods of hand construction that she associates with basic, grass roots, human ingenuity about making things.
The themes of Laky’s site-spefic sculptures unclude various issues such as gender-equity, environmentalism and opposition to the war in Iraq. These subjects are often presented through her language sculptures.

My sculptures, over the past several years, often reference issues of on-going concern for me. They are primarily composed of orchard debris, park trimmings and street tree prunings-collected from the many tons of cuttings which are available each year as growers and gardeners trim and discard (or often burn) the branches of nut and fruit trees and as we maintain our parks, streets and gardens. I am interested in making a small dent in changing attitudes about the environment and our relationship to it. I refer to my work as architectural structures and use age-old forms of human ingenuity about building things by hand. Some work is for the wall, some free-standing and some occurs in site-specific outdoor situations.

    Gyongy Laky



TRINITY                                                                                                                                              CONNECT
2004                                                                                                                                                     2005


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