Mauro Staccioli

Volterra, Italy

MAURO STACCIOLI, born in 1937, is a prominent figure in Italian contemporary sculpture. In the early 1970s he pioneered a new kind of sculpture, made of massive, large scale steel installations placed in the urban setting. Later he placed these sculptures in the natural environment.
These interventions are characterised by essential forms, coherence and perfect cohesion to the environment in which they are set.

Staccioli-Tondo-Pieno-La-Mestola-2009-600x401TONDO PIENO (Full round)
Volterra, Italy

In the planning stage Staccioli proceeds in a rigorous and meticulous way, studying the environment, the history and the characteristics of the place that will then house the work of art.
His aim is not to produce relaxing objects and soothing shapes, but to provoke, in the individual, an active and critic approach to their role in the present age.
Staccioli’s choice of the site is influenced by the perception of its space and its morphological aspects, as well as by its being a tangible trace of a culture and community the artist wants to bring into the light. The sculptures engange in a relation with the landscape’s history, culture and human work, stimulating also the author’s own memory.
As a fact, childhood memories play a substantial role in Staccioli’s work. In Volterra, Tuscany, where he was born, the artist placed a big elliptic stucture that circumscribe the view of his grandparents house and the area in which his parents worked the soil.

Località Piancorboli. Primi passi 2009PRIMI PASSI (First steps)
Volterra, Italy

piramide 85° parallelo fiumara d'artePIRAMIDE, 38° PARALLELO (Pyramid, 38° parallel)
Fiumara d’arte, Italy

Anello ’97, località Poggio di San Martino, Volterra, 1997-2005ANELLO ’97 (Ring ’97)
Volterra, Italy

Mauro_Staccioli_Parc_Tournay-Solvay_Watermael-Boitsfort_2008-03-15Parc Tournay-Solvay
Watermael-Boitsfort, Belgium

Portale,+Fattoria+di+Lischeto,+Volterra,+2009PORTALE (Gate)
Volterra, Italy

6.MorteroneMorterone, Italy

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