I have always been interested in all that’s concerned with art in nature and Land Art, so, in May 2013 I decided to put in a blog all the new stuff I found on this topic. I discovered loads of both emerging and accomplished artists all around the world who create outstanding pieces of art moving from their own interpretation of the so-called Land Art.

  1. Please have a look at my-our website (www.vivoverde.com), and if possible send me you email or a contact, please, we are the creatives oh Humus Park in Pordenone (www.humuspark.it) and many pics here are about our works. So as directors of Humus Park we would like to know you, please, and may be (why not ?) have a collaboration. Thank you.
    Gabriele Meneguzzi

  2. karl said:

    wonderful ! I can image what a lot of work has to be done to realize this blog ! thank you ver much !

  3. harrienijland said:

    Fantastic blog! Thanks for sharing; it was great to go through your collection. Cheers, harrie.

  4. You are doing a great service in pulling this work together and showing it to the world.
    Ihave been making environmental sculpture for twenty years and although I have seen some of the work you have collected it is wonderfull to see the scale and diversity of the artists working today.
    You can see some of my work here.www.martin-hill.com
    My latest work “The Watershed” in collaboration with Philippa Jones is to be exhibited Feb 2013 at McClelland Sculpture park and Gallery Melbourne.

    Keep up the great work. Thanks, Martin

  5. Simon said:

    I enjoy your international collection of work…quite discerning and interesting to see the field vary so much. I believe some of my work constitutes contemporary land art and would like your opinion of it. To feature on your blog to represent some more South African inspiration would be great. Please email me to discuss…

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