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skytowerSKYTOWER, Rawyards Park, Airdrie, Central Scotland, UK, 2013
12mm steel rod

ROB MULHOLLAND is a Scottish sculptor and istallation artist who creates visually stimulating and thought provoking works. His work explores the human relationship with the wider environment with a reflective and questioning approach to the ever-changing world around us.
Skytower, Rob’s latest work, refers to the artistic concepts of Constructivism and De-constructivism and also aims to introduce the factors of natural chaos and de-construction. This balance between order and chaos, force and reaction is observed and reflected in the installation.
Reflective Transmutations, vestige park, Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art. 2010REFLECTIVE TRANSMUTATIONS, Vestige park, Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, 2010

The reflecting figures in the forest of Aberfoyle aim to express the artist’s feelings regarding ancestry an the theme of lost communities and displacement. Visitors are welcomed to reflect on how much has changed in a relatively short time and to consider and ponder the lives of those who lived and worked on these hillsides in the recent past. These figures ask us to look again and consider the symbiotic relationship we have with our natural and man-made environment. The human desire to leave a trace of ones-self for future generations, the driving force to create and leave a semblance of our-selves as individuals and as a society has always intrigued him. Some of Mulholland’s outdoors intallations are made of steel, a material the artist appreciates for its durability and sense of permanence. Mulholland has always been interested in the representation of the human form. The mirrored human figures are a progression of some of his earlier work which dealt with the fragility of human body compared to the strength and essence of the human spirit. The human brain can determine that the reflection is just a reflection, but there is still a slight doubt that it is not truly real, as they create an ambiguity and allow the viewer to create their own interpretation. This notion of non-space is what the artist is interested in and wants to develop further.

vestige 2009VESTIGE, 2009

waterboundWATERBOUND, 2011

leaf figure 2011LEAF FIGURE, 2012

cloud catcher scotland 2012CLOUD CATCHER, Scotland, 2012
Mirrored stainless steel

monad 1992MONAD, 1992

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